Johnny (krustasfuck) wrote in brutalpunks,

well it looks like willer killer and i are gonna be making the long journey up towards philly by the end of july, well be there right when pointless fest starts. if anyone could help us out with places to stay or couch surf for a bit until we get on our feet, or know of any places hiring people to work at, wed be very very thankful. also, info about the area, and cool people to party with. we are very serious about the trip because we wanna be in a place with lots of people who share our same music and lifestyle. also, dodsfalla will be looking for a new drummer in that time, so if anyone is into raw punk or real HC and would like to drum for us, let us know! (well also be staying in iowa for 1 or 2 weeks prior)

we are thankful for the support, and if anyone can help us out or knows anyone who can, please drop a line.

i have to say im very nervous at the same time im very excited, saying goodbye to your family doesnt sound hard, but theres nothing in colorado for us here.

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