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Name: mimi
Location: san diego, ca
Gender: female
Bands: tragedy, his hero is gone, severed head of state, state of fear, deicide...
Poison: beer i get free, or if im buying: strawberry champagne, franzia boxed wine, and other bitch drinks. haha, im such a girl.
Tattoos: 6
Piercings: 3 nose, and the rest ears
Most precious record: its hard to pick, so i would have to say his hero is gone 15 counts of arson just cuz it was the only present my bf ever got me. for sentimental value, and its good.
How big is your hair?: haha, its shit now. its not big at all, just long.
Favorite band you've seen live: tragedy (but i prefer pointless fest over when they came here to sd) and hmm. i also loved seeing journey and maiden. theres more too.
Why do you think you deserve to be here?: because me and angelica beat lots of ass saturday, and i used a sword. im so ninja.
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Image hosted by Photobucket.com
ive got lots more...
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i love you. hahahahahaha.
i love you more :)
now move down here already!
of course.
chyeah bro
awesome dude!
mos def.
Yes. Your music taste rips. Hxc crust death metal ninjas!!