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fresh meat?

Name: Kristin
Location: Connecticut, US
Gender: female
Bands: Finntroll, Fleas and Lice, Moonsorrow, Amebix, Blok 1A, Mistake, Caustic Christ, Riot/Clone, Nausea, Soldier 76, Whiskey Rebels, Thulsa Doom, Vivisick, Kaaos, Wolfpack, Skitsystem, Roots n Boots, ACAB, Cock SParrer, Warzone
Poison: the adrenaline rush you get when you dance hard at a show or get into a fight
Tattoos: currently one on the back of my neck, I'm planning/saving for a chestpiece and a sleeve
Piercings: ears, lip
Hobbies: shows, photographing bands, reading, stenciling/spraypainting, painting, vinyl, bass, singing/screaming in whatever band I can find, sewing my clothes

Most precious record: Thulsa Doom "Desensitized" 7" ; Witch Hunt/Deathbag split on green vinyl ; Mankind?/DIRT split on clear vinyl
Style?(pictures of yourself):
Favorite band you've seen live: Fleas and Lice
Why do you think you deserve to be here?: I'm more interested in good bands than trendy, elitist pieces of shit who degrade everyone they come in contact with in a community, in a vain attempt to make themselves feel better. I'd rather post about bands and shows than a bunch of lame pictures people are required to post periodically. I thought about creating a community similar to this one, until I found this through Lanny - decrepitmasses.

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