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i rule

Name: Danni Deathaxe
Location: kansas city
Gender: female
Bands: totalitar, bolt thrower, amebix, skit-system, behind enemy lines, venom, nazgul, avskum, celtic frost, maiden, voivod, brainoil, cryptic slaughter, wolfpack/brigade, the WASTE, riistetyt, motorhead, bands that start with "dis", axegrinder, damad, are you getting it yet?
Poison: anything that's cheap and comes in large quantities
Tattoos: two shitty stick and poke ones
Piercings: just stakes in the ears now
Hobbies: sleeping, getting hit in the face, killing, being angry, cooking/eating, sewing, caustic chemical etchants, printmaking

Most precious record: my venom record on clear vinyl, my ORIGINAL pressing R. Peni record complete w/foldout poster.
Favorite band you've seen live: as of now: municipal waste because i got covered in my own blood, or when i saw the dude in asschapel jump off his van and break both his ankles and CONTINUE to play. fuck yeah.
Why do you think you deserve to be here?: because i'm totally fucking sweet. and i'm new to this livejournal business and want to talk to other nefarious folk.

here are pictures of me being awesome:

all my pictures got deleted...i could come back with more, if necessary. whatever.
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